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The Magic Bookifier simplifies your writing process. Our Writing Coach tool intelligently generates high-quality questions; and based on your answers, walks you though the creation of your book quickly and easily, even if you're not an experienced writer.

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Let our intelligent chapter generation feature do the work for you, creating rich content that enhances the quality of your Books



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Upload audio content and watch as Magic Bookifier transcribes it into a high-quality Book.

How does it work?

The Magic Bookifier reorganizes rambling thoughts, elaborates, retains data, and supports your thesis.

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With just a single title line, watch as our Magic Book Auto-writer feature crafts a well-thought-out book with five chapters, saving you time and effort!


What is The Magic Bookifier?

The Magic Bookifier is a revolutionary web app that turns your audio into an Book with just one click. It uses AI to transform audio transcripts into captivating Books that reorganize rambling thoughts, elaborate, retain data, and support your thesis.

How does The Magic Bookifier use AI to transform audio transcripts into Books?

The Magic Bookifier uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze the content of your audio and automatically generate a well-structured Book. It can recognize different types of speech patterns and organize them into coherent paragraphs and chapters.

What types of content creators would benefit from using The Magic Bookifier?

Anyone who wants to turn their ideas or speeches into a book can benefit from using The Magic Bookifier. It's especially useful for authors, speakers, coaches, trainers, and educators who want to create high-quality Book content quickly and easily.

Can I use The Magic Bookifier in languages other than English?

Yes. Currently The Magic Bookifier supports 13 languages in total. The language list can be found on the book creation page.  

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About Us

We are thrilled to introduce our innovative web-based tool that converts transcribed audio files or written text into ebooks. Our platform is designed to provide a simple solution for anyone looking to enter the ebook market, wanting to get started with writing a book, or simply looking to utilize older audio content.

Our easy-to-use platform features a simple user interface that allows users to upload their audio files or paste their text directly into the tool. For audio files, our advanced AI transcription API accurately transcribes the content into text format. Once users have entered their content, they simply click the "Write My Book" button to initiate the book-writing process.

At Magic Bookifier, we understand that not everyone has the time or resources to write a book from scratch. That's why we offer a unique value proposition - our AI is programmed by professional writers and artists, ensuring that the drafts of the ebook users receive are of high quality.

Whether you're an aspiring author or simply looking to repurpose old audio content, Magic Bookifier is here to help you transform your ideas into an ebook. Join us today and take the first step toward your publishing goals!